Sunday, February 17, 2013

California Dreaming

So Janine and Hooey decided to move to California for the winter. Their mission was to surf, work and fin the 1970s. I decides to go along for the first two weeks.

We flew in on Dec 25th and statin in marina del ray/ venice area for the first two nights. Had awesome food from wasabi and picked up a camper van. From there we checked out Encinitas and then went down to San Diego. Met up with Adrian (used to surf NS back in the day and still comes back every year). He was so awesome and hospitable.

From San Diego we went  and stayed with a cool couple on encinitas and then went up to Malibu for 3 days. Hooey showed up with AK on New Year's Eve (they drove from Vancouver) , we decided to rent a car for the night. we got dressed up complete with flower crowns, went to a lovely dinner, got picked up by a rad draiver in an escalade. he drove us around the city while we drank kool aid. Eventually we were ready to dance, i really cool older dude came up to our car and suggested we go to a party and pointed to a hotel in West hollywood. welll we went up and the gal said "list only" but proceeded to point us inwards! woo! Janine cherped " can our driver come too?" and yes he did. we danced up a storm. was filled with Beautyfull people.

from there we went to this cool diner next door. also filled with beautyfull people.

next morning i got up and went for a surf at Topanga. HAPPY NEW YEAR. we drove AK tot he airport. stopped in venice for  from GTA (holy hot fellas work there)

we decided to ditch hooey's car and drive to joshua tree. stayed in palm springs. was coool.

then we spent three nights were spend in san clemente, surfing trestles twice a day (church for me, lowers for Janine) was epic.

The last night we spent in Venice beach/ Marina del ray area. we want to a bar called the other room. super cool in some ways, super lame b/c it was super cool in other ways. you win some, you lose some.

That was the trip! Janine and Hooey stayed in Cali - living in Luecadia.

- Finding the cool parts of venice
- seafood curry from Wasabi on Abbott Kinney
- sitting on a lawn chair in the back of Adrian's van, looking at surf and learning about SD
- getting a 5'8 Hank Warner mini simmons shape-like board from Birds surf shack
- Birds
- Sewers
- seeing Cliffs
- meeting Glynn and Ida and staying at their place, fireball and hot tubs
- hot tubs and mimosas every day
- great energy from everyone every day
- tiny malibu surf with one person
- a few surfs at topanga
- Church church church - hugest smile ever watching AMAZING longboarders and managing to get a couple myself. I will never get used to the drop in styles, but i like it.
-making flower crowns and having the best new years EVER
-  hanging with my budddies
- GTA - abbott kinney, etcetc
- meeting nice ppl EVERYWHERE - wowowow
- san clemente shopping!
- funny peeps - tee hee booth defense
TREX and Storm Cloud - obviously
Flower Crowns
Van dashboard deco

fun trip!! cali is highly recommended!!!

Monday, December 3, 2012

hobo with a bb gun - my neighbours rule!

This is the viewer's choice winner from the 5th annual Seaforth Film Festival. The movie maker was my neighbour Andrew Pearson.

all ofthe movies were great. other favourites:
local yokels by the manos
sundays in novemer by Janine Strickland
zombie apocolpse
return to agricola
globe head
etc etc soooo good all of em!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

SWEET Vid feat alex, kait and sylvie!

a few gals from the east went out west to learn from a LEGEND. the Lisa Anderson (first woman on the cover of surfer) was there to give them tips. AMAZING!

exciting to the gals back on the east to help push us all to progress! whhooooo!

yaya alex, kait and sylvie!

J9 and JIll make cute movies!!


we are sooo lucky! love these gals! they inspire me!

Friday, November 16, 2012

NSMW 2012

well. music week was fun! how could we resist music and surfing. Michelle Hooey came over, we packed up the van filled with surfboards and gear and headed to liverpool.

saw lots of great bands!

Jon Epwoth - wowowow
Jenn Grant - love always
Know Issue
Willie Stratton
Dinner at Whote Point Lodge
Surfing the smallest beach break at white point in the sun!
lunch at la have bakery - yummm
cosmic bowling
Cousins - obviously
Jon McKiel - always
Something Good - yayah
Carter's Beach
earmuff headbands from janine and bona
janine showing up
music industry peeps who i love


Thursday, November 1, 2012

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Hallllllowweeeen 2012

cuddle party

we got dressed up and went to the confidence lodge for the tequila mockingbird show sooo much fun!
There was also a prohibition party at the drawing room!